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American Stevedoring accepts web based Electronic Delivery Orders which allow truckers to pick up containers without the need for an Original Delivery Order.

A trucker must be a member of the Trucker Service Package (TSP) to participate in the program. The TSP member maintains a “watch list” of containers. The watch list, which shows the container status in summary form, may be reviewed at any time. When the container becomes available, an e-mail is sent to the trucker notifying him of the availability and informing him of any insurance or demurrage issues pending.

The Steamship line or member of the “Broker Service Package” (BSP) may assign containers to a trucking company. When the Steamship line or BSP member makes the assignment the system will assign a pick up number. When the container is assigned to the trucker, it is placed on the trucker’s watch list and noted with the name of person and company which assigned the container to him. If the container was already on the trucker’s watch list, then it is updated to reflect the assignment by the steamship line or BSP member.

When an assigned container becomes available for release, the trucker may then a ssign a driver (by SEA LINK number) to the container. The driver may come to the pier without a delivery order, however, he MUST have his SEA LINK card and know the pick-up number that was given to the steamship line or BSP member. The trucker will not be able to look up the pick up number for a container. The trucker must get the pick up number directly from the steamship line or BSP member. ASI clerical staff will not be able to look up the pick up number, nor will they be allowed to produce a TIR without the pick up number. Security and communication of the pick up number rests solely between the Steamship line or BSP member and the trucking company.

The system is currently in use and has proven to be mutually beneficial to all brokers, steamship lines, and truckers.